When this project began in 2009, the goal was to make the public—especially farmers—aware of the need to have other fuels available when fossil fuels are depleted, and to demonstrate the use of hydrogen as a fuel. Now with a growing focus on carbon emissions and global warming, the project has become even more timely.

Our demonstration system powers a portion of the 320 acre farm operation using a tractor with carbon emission-free fuel that runs on hydrogen or hydrogen/ammonia. The system also includes an ammonia generator to make green ammonia. The ammonia is used to not only power the tractor, but also as fertilizer.

What’s next?

As we look to the future with the goal of making people aware that something will need to be done to replace fossil fuels, we hope others will view the system as a viable option that could be expanded upon and used elsewhere.

We plan to continue presenting information about the system to national and international audiences, focusing on supporting the development of carbon emission-free internal combustion engines and green ammonia. Our goal is to share the information in forums about the development of what we’ve done and how it can be applied.

Recent presentations include:

Lead designer David Toyne recapped recent hydrogen/ammonia engine fueling and ignition development activities to an organization of industry leaders from universities in Poland and Norway. The group works together to develop ACTIVATEngine technology to efficiently power an agricultural vehicle with ammonia in a transition towards a carbon-free industry.
View the presentation slides: Project ACTIVATE Presentation

Jay Schmuecker presented at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Mission Innovation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Off-Road Equipment and Vehicles Workshop. Concerns were expressed by the presenters about being able to carry the hydrogen fuel and dissipate the generated heat in large equipment used in the mining, construction and agricultural industries. Ammonia may be a viable fuel to power these large vehicles.
View the presentation slides: Department of Energy Presentation 

A presentation by Jay Schmuecker at the Chile 2022 Green Hydrogen Summit stated that the materials to make batteries and fuel cells may be difficult to procure in the distant future. Therefore, carbon emission-free hydrogen and ammonia-fueled engines should continue to be developed and used.
View the presentation slides: Chile 2022 Green Hydrogen Summit Presentation

Considerations for future applications

Localizing farming support operations

We believe development of a system of local ammonia generation and storage will be the most effective and successful through the support of local agricultural co-ops. The hydrogen and ammonia can be locally generated through solar power and stored, making it easy for farmers to refuel and get their fertilizer in their community.

Helping to provide food around the world

A significant fraction of the earth’s population is dependent on food raised using nitrogen-based fertilizers. The ability to generate green ammonia for fertilizer can make a significant impact in the world where fertilizer is difficult to obtain.

We are currently supporting the development of green ammonia fertilizer production systems designed for deployment in Africa. The system will produce one ton of ammonia each day using solar power.

Generating backup power

Solar- and wind turbine-generated power is variable. Hydrogen and ammonia generated from renewable energy can be used to fuel electrical generators when the renewably generated electricity cannot meet the demand.

Storing excess renewable energy

In situations where wind turbines and solar cell energy is curtailed because of low customer demand, power generation can be maintained and used to generate hydrogen and ammonia for later consumption.

Providing our technology

Our technology developments for the hydrogen ammonia-fueled C-Free Tractor and the C-Free Renew System for hydrogen and ammonia generation are available for consulting and licensing renewable energy and fertilizer applications. For more information, contact us.

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