Today’s technology already makes it possible to create carbon emission-free fuel and fertilizer from raw materials and equipment. Further developing these capabilities will reduce energy dependence on fossil fuels, and release zero greenhouse emissions.

The C-Free Renew System produces two renewable fuel sources on the farm site: hydrogen and ammonia. Both are used to power the C-Free tractor—a John Deere tractor that has been retrofitted with an engine modified to run on hydrogen gas or on hydrogen/ammonia (NH3). Ammonia is also used as a field fertilizer.


Hydrogen energy can be produced relatively easily through electrolysis—a process that splits water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. Additionally, using solar energy to power a hydrogen generator makes the entire process is environmentally friendly.

Hydrogen-fueled tractors are already becoming a reality in some parts of Europe, yet the technology is still cost prohibitive for the average farmer.


Farmers have been using ammonia as a cropland fertilizer for decades, so we have extensive experience and knowledge about handling ammonia safely.

Rather than having to rely on purchasing ammonia, the The C-Free Renew System utilizes a small ammonia reactor and subsystem hardware to make ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen. We now have the capability for sustainable locally-made ammonia right on the farm.


Both the ammonia fertilizer and farm equipment NH3 energy uses are seasonal in nature. However, the renewable energy system can produce and store ammonia/NH3 for up to an entire year.

Numerous resources show that NH3 is most cost-effective means of storing renewable energy for medium- to long-term applications that range from days to months. Therefore, NH3 production and storage would be even more economically favorable at co-op scale. This is also how the production of ethanol fuel began: initially at farm-scale, but eventually it became most economically favorable at co-op scale.

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