youtube-linkAn Overview

A solar powered hydrogen and ammonia generation and storage system has been built on an Iowa farm. These “C-Free Renew®” fuels are used to power a 150 horsepower internal combustion engine farm tractor. The ammonia is also used to fertilize corn cropland.

There were two reasons for this project:

  • Establish a memorial to Raphael Schmuecker, our father and grandfather.
  • To make the public, especially farmers, aware of the need to have fuels available when fossil fuels are depleted.

A hundred years ago farms were self-contained and horses were used to power the farm implements. Within the next hundred years the costs of fossil fuels will increase because of the exhaustible supply and other means of powering farm implements will be needed.

The Raphael Schmuecker Memorial Solar-Hydrogen System demonstrates that carbon emission free renewable energy can be collected, stored, and used in farm operations. It is a self-contained farm energy utilization method that is a candidate for use.

The system continues to be updated and maintained by the Schmuecker Renewable Energy System, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.